Invitation for my company's Christmas party.  :)

Boom.  I miss drawing animals.  I'll do some more in the upcoming weeks.

Ok, I felt pretty crappy about the previous one so I did something else to prove that I am not regressing.  which, after this, is still questionable.  sigh.  bedtime.

I kind of want to take this down because it kind of sucks. Uff. My friend Justin gave me the topic for this one. Sorry to disappoint! I have no patience these days. :( I'll revisit this topic again sometime.

Check him out at:

It's the future. Everyone has chips in them. Aliens attack the satellites to control all humans. Who will save mankind?! The only people who have not installed chips in them...the Amish!

Some random from work. Iron Man is number 100! The original version that is not as cool as the new one. First super hero evarrr.

Did this drawing again cuz I forgot it was on etsy and it sold only to realize I already gave it away. Anyways, here it is again, perhaps better? I dunno.

A couple of portraits done during meetings. Will find more time to draw...after my deadline on the 25th. I swear. Hahah, k, boom for now.

Ok, so the reason I haven't posted...uh, anything lately is because I have been employed by the Division of Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University. Above are some sample pages from the project I am working on. They were looking to revamp their image/graphics and wanted a new print/web document to distribute to prospective students. My friend Altan is currently a grad student in the PFP program and was the coordinator for this project. He was responsible for content and I, the art direction. Together we banged this out in a little over a month...which is not a lot of time considering I have a full time job and he is a full time student and this was the first time both of us have taken on a project like this. Factor in personal summer plans, faculty schedules, multiple sources of input, the 1500 miles between us...and boom, major obstacles. We're finishing this week after crazy hard work, mad coordination efforts, and a lot of trial and error. Interestingly, we did everything digitally either through Google Wave (omg i know, and you didn't think anyone used it), Gmail,, Skype and cellphone calls which is really crazy if you think about it. Two people connecting via various forms of digital communication to get things done without ever meeting in person. There's no way this could have been done a few years ago. A-MAZING.

All in all, we're quite happy with what we created. Altan and I make a pretty bad ass team if I do say so myself. I am finalizing and getting faculty review this week and hopefully posting the final pdf here before the end of this week. Boom.

Edit: You may now find the full book at

Figure drawing. I forget how absolutely crappy you can become without continued practice. And also how absolutely aggravated and frustrating it can be. So here is my first attempt at getting back to it. I am completely lacking the familiarity and deliberate-ness I used to have when it came to drawing the human figure. So if you happen to be in Pittsburgh, then come join me. Carnegie Mellon CFA 313 Sunday nights this fall from 5-8pm.

Went sketching out by Station Square during lunch the other day with my good friend Jon F. I'm not so happy with this one. Jon, on the other hand, is great. I keep trying to get him to start a blog because a) it would make him infinitely cooler and b) his artwork is really spectacular. Anyways, we might start a blog together...sort of an unofficial bcj pittsburgh architecture/art/design related one...? Ideally this is something that multiple people would eventually contribute to. So yea that is all for now, be on the lookout for that post, this booklet i keep yelling about is nearing its end thank goodness, and big plans are in the works for the future...stay tuned.

Very aware that I am grossly behind for the month of Sept. Did this one during lunch...seems to be the only time I can find to draw these days. Started as PPG Square but then I got bored and added my own flourishes. Boom.

Ok, that's all I got. Sorry for the lack of updates. Will post what I'm working on when it's all done and finished! :)

Also, my business cards finally came in! Yay! You may recognize the image, its the first one I did for my blog which now is in the possession of my bf.

Ok I promised myself I would update AT LEAST once through the ridiculousness that is moving. I am currently moving.....AGAIN. Our landlords are a complete waste of a life. So next week I will be packing and moving to a one bedroom apt with no roommates. I think it's about time. I've had roommates since freshman year of college...six consecutive years of various roommates. Oof, yea definitely time.

This is sort of a compilation of my impressions of Paris, Rome, Prague and Barcelona. Man do I miss Europe.

Messed up the railing. Damn.

Taking a new bus these's one of those extra long ones that have the accordion joint in the middle so the back end sways around. Fun to sit in but generally makes drawing very difficult. During the daytime its all young professional. Late at night though, as I found out after an extended gym session...kind of full of crazies. Great. Anyways, did these on the ride to and back from home.

Lunchtime doods.

Work is driving me INSANE, the company managing our apt is driving me INSANE, my parents are driving me INSANE...I suspect that I am going INSANE. The only thing not driving me insane may be my rock. Thanks.

Feelin' inspired today...probably because I haven't drawn in about a week and a half due to the move and other events.  Did this during my lunch break was intended to be a building, then became a tree, and then became this.  Mmmmm...feels good to put some graphite on paper again. :)

Apologies for not updating, we are getting ready for the big move from one apartment to another this week so I will be MIA for a while until everything gets settled. On top of that we have a couple deadlines at work. Combined with some freelance and late nights, it seems increasingly difficult to find time to post. Perhaps I should hire a personal (read HOT) secretary. :)

Anyways, I've been working on a friend's site. Chuck is one talented individual. The site is up and running save for a few tweaks, check it out at:

So ciao for now and I'll be back next week!

Did these while skype-ing with peeps. :) There are so many things I am good at and yet so many that I am not so good at.  Oof.

The jolly green giant of our office. :) Feeling overwhelmed these days but I suppose more work is better than no work. Huzzah!

My entry for Dueling Banjo Pigs : s[wine] and banjo
Heheheh, some of them are so funny. Love it.

Check out:

I started this a long time ago...some time in January and kind of left it blocked out. I think I had seen something that reminded me of Pinocchio at the time or something hence the whale...or it started out as a whale. Anyways, dug it up today...the paper got all dented. :( Drew whatever came to mind.

Must go to bed. Uff. Working off some old photos I took in Rome. Drew this because I was lacking inspiration...? Whatevs.

Happy Father's Day

New blog layout...hopefully it's a little more legible.

Haven't drawn in a while...sometimes I find other projects that interest me more and drawing kind of fades to the background...then I feel guilty. Right now it's learning Chinese. Last time it was learning Flash. The time before that it was learning to wave and glide. And the time before that it was studying for LEED. Problem is I never quite finish any real projects, I just start them and often lose interest/forget/get bored/frustrated etc. In any case, I always come back to drawing because I always find that I miss it.

So about learning Chinese...I've been trying to memorize and use new vocabulary AND read and write the characters. The funny thing about it is that I just visualize how they look graphically which is probably not how I should be learning. It's like memorizing little pictures which means I'm not really associating them with verbal meanings/sounds. I suppose it's because I've always been a visual person. I figure with time it'll all work out...or I'll quit. Hopefully not the latter.

We saw greyhounds in Market Square during lunch today. Beautiful creatures, they have such funny proportions.