Boom.  I miss drawing animals.  I'll do some more in the upcoming weeks.

Ok, I felt pretty crappy about the previous one so I did something else to prove that I am not regressing.  which, after this, is still questionable.  sigh.  bedtime.

I kind of want to take this down because it kind of sucks. Uff. My friend Justin gave me the topic for this one. Sorry to disappoint! I have no patience these days. :( I'll revisit this topic again sometime.

Check him out at:

It's the future. Everyone has chips in them. Aliens attack the satellites to control all humans. Who will save mankind?! The only people who have not installed chips in them...the Amish!

Some random from work. Iron Man is number 100! The original version that is not as cool as the new one. First super hero evarrr.