So back in sixth grade...I think...we were required to make an alphabet book on a topic of our choosing.  Back then I really loved drawing animals and to this day still do so I decided on an alphabet book of mythical creatures.  Over the break I found the pop up book in all its was a good four inches thick (doubled up construction paper) and barely held together with rubber cement.  Anyways, I thought it'd be fun to revisit these drawings as my new project for 2013.  :)

A is for Almaricorn.


Getting back to my comfort zone...architecture and animals. Actually started these on the plane ride back to LA but counts for drawing number one and two in 2013!!!

Whoa whoa whoaaaaa it's 2013!!!  How did that happen?!  Time flies when you're having fun.  My blog is now threeeeee years old!  And of course keeping with tradition here is my annual recap/resolution post.  If you're at all interested here is 2010 and 2011 and 2012.

So to recap my resolutions from last year.

Draw everyday, post to blog...write something MOSTLY FAIL
Exercise more...cycling WELL IM DOING YOGA REGULARLY
Cook and eat real this time FAIL
Read more...or at least listen to more audiobooks FAIL
Watch more old movies MOSTLY WIN
Shower everyday and get dressed....which is surprisingly difficult when you work from home N/A
Beef up portfolio WIN
Improve storyboarding skills FAIL
Do more freelance WIN

So all in all not too bad a year??  I looked through one of my earliest blog posts and it talked about how working on a production/concept team for movies would be the coolest job ever.  Well, two and a half years later I've gotten into the entertainment industry and am designing for a new children's television show that will come out this year.  I am thoroughly enjoying my job and my life.  I've had a ton of new experiences out here in LA and met some really great friends.  I've learned a lot in these past years and I know I still have a long way to go but I feel pretty solid about what I've done so far. So without further ado, here are my resolutions for 2013:

Draw everyday and update this blog
Stay fit - take a dance class?
Cook more and bring lunch to work more often
Read more...or at least listen to more audiobooks
Learn Maya
Improve drawing/design/painting skills...specifically environments, mecha, and vehicles - more classes
Practice my Chinese
Make that website I keep telling myself to make