Flowers. Another extremely difficult item to draw. Add them to the list: flowers, hands, fish

Well I threw out my neck or pulled it somehow so I've been immobile for the latter part of last week. I feel much better now though my neck is still stiff. I feel like I'm too young to be throwing anything out for that matter...gross, I hate getting older. I feel unproductive these days. Like I have no sense of purpose. Anyone else feel like this? Seems to always come in the winter...must be some correlation.

I've been interested in gestural drawing lately. Quick sketches of no more than five, ten minutes. Plus black felt unforgiving. Not so happy about these.

I got a couple requests for horses. Fun to draw.

So glad its Friday. I'm exhausted.

Today I found out about Paperwalker. He draws a lot of ducks which I think is really funny. He also shows a lot of process which is the best part. Really great and classic style of illustration...and it seems he has an awesome job too.

Edit: Sold this one on Etsy! Yay!

Just drew this at work because I can't concentrate anymore. Time to go home.

I watched Helvetica and Objectified this past weekend. Both great films by Gary Hustwit. The first is a documentary on the type face which used to be known as Die Neue Haas glad they changed it to Helvetica. Anyways, it speaks to its unique history and more importantly discusses why designers love typopgraphy and why it's essential to all our lives whether we notice it or not. Objectified is similar in that it also discusses why design, more specifically of everyday objects, is important in our lives. I think of the two, Helvetica is the stronger film since it delves further into the specifics of its design, history, social influences etc and, I think, gives a fairly unbiased viewpoint. Objectified is a bit more vague and isn't as diverse in its story. In any case, both films are quite spectacular and a definite must see esp if you are in any sort of aesthetic field or just appreciate good design. These are the types of films that make you observe the environment in a slightly different light and makes a solid effort in revealing what goes on in the heads of those in the design profession.

A little still life today because my friend Jon insists that I don't draw from life enough...I have to agree...I blame the cold weather. I should really take a picture of my workspace...I have a very small secretary desk because my room isn't big enough for a big drafting table. It's organized mess and mostly full of trinkets and art supplies with one corner devoted to my laptop.

Well we got roughly 17 inches of snow so this weekend was pretty slow. I got about half my car dug out before I couldn't feel my toes anymore and gave up. I watched Anchorman earlier today and forgot how funny that movie was. There's a part where Ron Bergundy and company end up in the bear pit and basically have to fight a group of grizzly bears.

Acrylic is probably my least favorite medium mainly because I have trouble controlling it. I feel like I would maybe prefer oils. Acrylic dries too quickly. My work never turns out quite as kickass as I see it in my head and this is no exception. I suppose practice makes perfect.

Ok, some minor digital work. New twitter backgrounds for myself and my roommate. Follow me at archidisiac!

Well I got through 19 drawings out of 31 days in January. Really not too shabby considering I probably would have done considerably less without this blog. Anyways, deadlines met and done for now. Back to the drawing board.

Does anyone else find fish extremely difficult to draw? This is a FAIL. I put them up there with hands...something about their weird proportions. At some point in my childhood aesthetic development my Jesus fish grew fins and eyes and kind of never progressed past that.

Yesterday my team magically met our deadline at 3pm with only a couple minutes to spare. We were, in fact, printing up until the last minute before those drawings had to be on a plane headed to California. Nothing left to do but wait for upper management to present them and see how it all goes. A lot of stress, frustration and work went into those drawings, more specifically, all of my last week and weekend. If our high profile clients still aren't impressed I might have to go out there and punch somebody's face in. Seriously, our drawings are magical.

It also occurs to me that I write a lot about deadlines and working late but never explain what I do. I work at BCJ, an international architecture firm. I work hard and generally enjoy my work and my office. I intend to one day probably most likely perhaps be an architect. Late nights, high stress, and low pay are typical for my profession...all reasons which lead to my hesitancy in entering the field completely for the long haul. Lately I've added extreme frustration to that list. In any case, I do good work and get paid to do it...can't really complain.

So apologies again for my failure to keep up. I didn't go to the gym. I drove to work since I had to work late. We ordered take out every night. I drank a lot of coffee. And I didn't draw a thing...other than stuff at work. I pretty much broke all of my resolutions. Great.