Yesterday my team magically met our deadline at 3pm with only a couple minutes to spare. We were, in fact, printing up until the last minute before those drawings had to be on a plane headed to California. Nothing left to do but wait for upper management to present them and see how it all goes. A lot of stress, frustration and work went into those drawings, more specifically, all of my last week and weekend. If our high profile clients still aren't impressed I might have to go out there and punch somebody's face in. Seriously, our drawings are magical.

It also occurs to me that I write a lot about deadlines and working late but never explain what I do. I work at BCJ, an international architecture firm. I work hard and generally enjoy my work and my office. I intend to one day probably most likely perhaps be an architect. Late nights, high stress, and low pay are typical for my profession...all reasons which lead to my hesitancy in entering the field completely for the long haul. Lately I've added extreme frustration to that list. In any case, I do good work and get paid to do it...can't really complain.

So apologies again for my failure to keep up. I didn't go to the gym. I drove to work since I had to work late. We ordered take out every night. I drank a lot of coffee. And I didn't draw a thing...other than stuff at work. I pretty much broke all of my resolutions. Great.

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