Catching up yo.

I got a new hat (see above).  It is awesome and keeps my ears very warm without messing up my hair.  That is all.

The figures are from a gesture drawing site that Eric sent me.  These are set to two minutes.  Check it out here:

A note from the desk of A. Li:

New Year's is one of those holidays I always forget about until right before it actually occurs...more specifically its only in those last 10 seconds of the old, used, soon to be discarded year that I am finally reminded of how much I love it.  I don't know if it's because Christmas decorations distract me in the weeks leading up to its Eve or if I've just come to realize the night will never live up to expectations but on the morning of New Year's Day, I am suddenly aware of how new things become.  All my actions become the first of an unused year and that thought is surprisingly optimistic for my collection of not so positive borderline masochistic philosophies.

Part of me thinks that Jan 1st is simply another day and no different from the 24 hrs that came before and after it.  Another part is also pretty convinced that calendar years may well just be arbitrary ticks dividing a sequence of events in our lives to give some kind of order.  Whatever inkling is left though does believe in the promise of a new year and the ability to start anew, plan, improve and change.

I started this blog a year ago with the resolution that I would have 365 drawings by Dec 31, 2010.  I have 108 images today.  Not bad considering the year before I had maybe ten.  I learned to hold myself somewhat accountable.  I learned that unrealistic goals can be helpful and self destructive all at the same time.  I also learned that doing a little and repeating repeating repeating ends with a lot more than you would expect even though it really feels like nothing at the time.  Perhaps most importantly, I've begun to understand that doing is what separates a person from the rest of the pack.

Anyways, enough looking back, 2010 was a great year and I learned a lot...there are a multitude of things I also failed to learn.  Thank goodness there's another year ahead yeah?  So here's to another 365 in the new year...I'm already two behind.  Dammit.

Resolutions for 2011:
Draw everyday, post to blog.
Find mechanism to motivate self when unmotivated.
Avoid riding feelings of frustration and annoyance for too long.
Exercise more.
Cook and eat healthier.
Read more.
Bring lunch to work.
Cut back on coffee.