My entry for Dueling Banjo Pigs : s[wine] and banjo
Heheheh, some of them are so funny. Love it.

Check out:

I started this a long time ago...some time in January and kind of left it blocked out. I think I had seen something that reminded me of Pinocchio at the time or something hence the whale...or it started out as a whale. Anyways, dug it up today...the paper got all dented. :( Drew whatever came to mind.

Must go to bed. Uff. Working off some old photos I took in Rome. Drew this because I was lacking inspiration...? Whatevs.

Happy Father's Day

New blog layout...hopefully it's a little more legible.

Haven't drawn in a while...sometimes I find other projects that interest me more and drawing kind of fades to the background...then I feel guilty. Right now it's learning Chinese. Last time it was learning Flash. The time before that it was learning to wave and glide. And the time before that it was studying for LEED. Problem is I never quite finish any real projects, I just start them and often lose interest/forget/get bored/frustrated etc. In any case, I always come back to drawing because I always find that I miss it.

So about learning Chinese...I've been trying to memorize and use new vocabulary AND read and write the characters. The funny thing about it is that I just visualize how they look graphically which is probably not how I should be learning. It's like memorizing little pictures which means I'm not really associating them with verbal meanings/sounds. I suppose it's because I've always been a visual person. I figure with time it'll all work out...or I'll quit. Hopefully not the latter.

We saw greyhounds in Market Square during lunch today. Beautiful creatures, they have such funny proportions.

Still testing...I'll be posting a little less frequently due to some outside projects. I will, however, continue to do quick rough sketches and post as often as I can! :)