I love drawing women with long necks. That's the best feature to have, swan like necks, deep clavicles, and a great back. Aesthetically, I feel like it's the best structure to drape fabric and jewelry on...hence the models you see on the cover of harpers bazaar and such...just enough skeletor to raise an eyebrow or two.

Spring is in the air and it feels oh so good. Gonna get up in the high seventies this weekend. Can't wait.

Apologies for being M.I.A. - spring is in the air and I'm never inside near my computer. :)

Lunch and learn today...drew one of my coworkers Jason...he has an intense beard.

Well these kind of suck a little...I was working with black watercolor so it was a little harder...I seemed to have misplaced the ink that I got from China which is richer and takes water a little better. But still, I gotta say, brushstroke painting is seriously the hardest. I know that I've said drawing fish is hard. And drawing hands are harder. And that drawing roses are even harder. But I think this takes the cake. Especially if you do it on rice paper with the right ink with the mat underneath. Lots and lots of practice to get it believable. As always, practice makes perfect.

You can find these at my Etsy Shop. Each on is a postcard.

Sat and drew people at Panera today. Wonderful sunny weekends make me happy. Talked to my good friend Adam today, also made me happy. :) Good/productive weekend all in all.

I watched Spirited Away today. Makes me want to be an animator. *sigh*

This one got a little muddy...needed to stop earlier than I did. Anyways, find it on Etsy if interested! Edit: Just sold...will draw some others. :)

Tigers, tigers, tigers...oh my. Working late as usual and falling ever behind on this drawing business. I managed 14 for the month of Feb...not bad...seems like my track record is about half the days of the month.

If interested, you can buy this one on my Etsy Shop!