Ok I promised myself I would update AT LEAST once through the ridiculousness that is moving. I am currently moving.....AGAIN. Our landlords are a complete waste of a life. So next week I will be packing and moving to a one bedroom apt with no roommates. I think it's about time. I've had roommates since freshman year of college...six consecutive years of various roommates. Oof, yea definitely time.

This is sort of a compilation of my impressions of Paris, Rome, Prague and Barcelona. Man do I miss Europe.

Messed up the railing. Damn.

Taking a new bus these days...it's one of those extra long ones that have the accordion joint in the middle so the back end sways around. Fun to sit in but generally makes drawing very difficult. During the daytime its all young professional. Late at night though, as I found out after an extended gym session...kind of full of crazies. Great. Anyways, did these on the ride to and back from home.

Lunchtime doods.

Work is driving me INSANE, the company managing our apt is driving me INSANE, my parents are driving me INSANE...I suspect that I am going INSANE. The only thing not driving me insane may be my rock. Thanks.

Feelin' inspired today...probably because I haven't drawn in about a week and a half due to the move and other events.  Did this during my lunch break today...it was intended to be a building, then became a tree, and then became this.  Mmmmm...feels good to put some graphite on paper again. :)