Well I threw out my neck or pulled it somehow so I've been immobile for the latter part of last week. I feel much better now though my neck is still stiff. I feel like I'm too young to be throwing anything out for that matter...gross, I hate getting older. I feel unproductive these days. Like I have no sense of purpose. Anyone else feel like this? Seems to always come in the winter...must be some correlation.

I've been interested in gestural drawing lately. Quick sketches of no more than five, ten minutes. Plus black felt pens...so unforgiving. Not so happy about these.

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  1. Found your blog from your Facebook page. I definitely know the feeling. I've been trying to stay productive musically, but it's been rough. I'm so busy with work and all that when I get home I kinda just wanna relax and watch some 30 rock. But I'm super glad to see that you're making all kinds of art!

    If you wanna check out what I'm working on, check out the soundtrack section of my website: www.dannyandthebygones.com

    K, catchya later!

    -Danny Greene

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